Five romance books to get at the library

Not all books can be checked out as a hard copy.  The list of five books here can be checked out at the library guaranteed in paperback.  They are all historical romances.  Historical romances can be entertaining to read if you are in the mood to read a romance.

  1. Loving Lord Ash-by Sally Mackenzie
  2. Someone to Love-by Mary Balogh
  3. Someone to Hold-by Mary Balogh
  4. Someone to Wed-by Mary Blogh
  5. Three Weeks to Wed-by Ella Quinn




How to Read Books for Free

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Welcome to my blog about books and life.  Reading can be enjoyable and educational but sometimes buying books can be expensive.  I will start off with how to read books for free. There are a few ways to read books without too much cost.  One way is to check out books from the library.  Through the library, a person can check out books traditionally or with a little investment in a kindle or a computer, a person can also read e-books.  A second way to read for free is to borrow books from friends, acquaintances, and family members.  A third way is something called a community library.  A community library is a gathering of neighbors who gather together and bring books to share and take.  To get into a community library, be aware of your neighbors, friends, and acquaintances.  I hope this will help to decrease your book costs.